Our Story

So, I (Jenny) am a writer. But, I am not the best writer ever. I suck at dialogue. I suck at telling a complete story and to be honest I still have no idea how to use a comma correctly. So, this does not contain any of that. Well, it contains commas because I have a software program for that, but it doesn’t have a beginning, middle or, end and dialogue is mostly eliminated. At this point, you are probably saying what the fuck am I reading and why am I doing it then? Well, you are reading a series of events. Snapshots. Snapshots of my mom’s last years. Snapshots of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and what it did to my family. Snapshots of a crazy fucked up situation and a group of people with their own fucked up issues who did the best they could do give the center of their world the best death possible. I write these snapshots of Mom, PSP, Crohns, and life because I believe that this story is one that must be told, and I am the best suited to tell it. So, this story doesn’t really cover who is who or what is what so in the links related to the story, you will find a handy cast of characters and a brief overview of what PSP is these guides will help you understand the cluster fuck which will follow.

This site’s second and more occasional narrator is Ryan. Ryan is a bit better with the comma, and he offers a secondary perspective on the topic of PSP and family. As an “outsider,” Ryan observes, listens, and watches. But, as Jenny’s partner, Ryan too is walking through the pain of illness, grief, and the stress that comes with both.

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